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  • 28 Sep

Your Stories

  • Art Workshop Julia May 2016

    Diane’s Story

    In 2012 our family decided to up sticks and move to Cornwall, we were in love with the south-west coast and wanted to bring up our teenage boys somewhere that gave them more freedom and less commercial – in essence “a better way of life” for all of us. I worked a for large multinational company as an IT Director, I was fortunate to work from home and got to […]

Made For Life

Made For Life

Made for Life is a charity providing integrative support to people diagnosed and recovering from cancer primarily within Cornwall.

‘Made for Life’ is about us, our health and the way we live. It’s about making choices that not only contributes to our own well-being and makes us feel good about life, but that also contribute to the well-being of the world we live in.

— Amanda Barlow
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