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    The Made for Life Foundation is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Michele Perkins – Michele is offering discounted counselling services to Cornwall Cancer Patients. Please see Michele’s bio below and feel free to contact Michele at your own convenience.

    Michele Perkins – BABCP Accredited CBT Psychotherapist, UKCP & BACP Register, EMDR Practitioner & BABCP Supervisor.
    I am a qualified BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, EMDR Practitioner and Counsellor with 13 years’ experience in both the NHS and private sector. I also offer Mindfulness and Compassion Focused Therapy. I am a qualified Supervisor I work with individuals and couples suffering from Anxiety and Depression across all age groups. I am very flexible and able to work at a time or day that suits the client.

    What I can help with
    Abuse, ADD/ADHD, Addiction(s), Adoption Issues, Anger Management, Anxiety, Asperger Syndrome, Bereavement, Cancer, Chronic pain ,Child related issues, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME Therapy, Cultural issues, Depression, Eating disorders, General counselling, Health related issues, Life Coaching, Loss, Mental health issues, OCD, Personal Development, Phobias, Post-traumatic stress, Pregnancy related issues, Redundancy, Relationships, Self Esteem, Self-Harm, Sexuality, Stress, Trauma, Work related issues

    Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills, 2007; Newquay Mind Mental Health Training, 2008; Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, 2009; Certificate in Counselling Studies, 2010; EMDR three-part training, EMDR Europe Association, 2010; Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 2011; BABCP Supervisor Certificate

    Types of therapy
    Behavioural, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural), Cognitive, EMDR, Person Centred, CFT.

    Clients I work with
    Adults, Children, Couples, Older Adults, Young People

    How I deliver therapy
    Long-term face-to-face work, Online counselling, Short-term face-to-face work, Telephone counselling. Groups. I practise from home which is in Crantock, near Newquay.

    What made me want to do Made for Life?
    I would like to offer help, guidance and support to Made for Life clients with any issues that they may be experienced. I would like to contribute to such a worthwhile organisation.

    Costs for Made for Life clients

    My hourly rate is £50 as a concession for Made for Life clients I would like to offer 25% discount on this figure.

    Contact Details
    To contact me please call me on 07715 446111 or e mail michele.perkins@live.co.uk.
    If you would like to view my website, please click on the link here: Michele Perkins

    I look forward to hearing from you – Michele

  • CL Aug 2016

    Cornwall Living – August Edition

    Making A Difference

    Inspiring workshops lift spirits and forge lasting friendships, through Made for Life Foundation.

    Made for Life Foundation, a charity set up to help those facing the challenge of cancer, brings people across Cornwall together who are going through similar experiences. It achieves this through a series of regular workshops, encouraging creativity, personal expression and promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

    But the question one might ask is this: “Do these workshops really make a difference?” Thankfully, we can report, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Take for example the recent nutrition workshop at the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre with Becci Gowers.

    To read the full article click here: cornwall-living-august-edition

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    MFL Workshop – Dare to Blossom with Mary Lunnen

    Another wonderful Workshop!

    Held Wednesday, 13 July 2016

    A huge thank you to Mary Lunnen https://www.facebook.com/daretoblossomart for holding a very successful, uplifting Workshop yesterday, only a small group was lucky enough to benefit from Marys talents and life experiences, we look forward to having Mary back in the future so more people can have the opportunity to benefit from her Workshops .

  • julia 2


    Made for Life Foundation devotes itself to encouraging and instilling positivity in those facing cancer, in an environment where experiences can be shared and common ground found in the face of overwhelming adversity. This is achieved through organised workshops, providing an outlet for expression. In one of a number of stimulating events, local artist Julia Rowlands recently donated her time and skills at the Health and Wellbeing Centre, leading a workshop, “Expressive use of colour with oil pastels”.

    To read the full article click here: Express Yourself

  • vickki fundraising 1

    Viki’s Fundraising for Made for Life

    Viki Carpenter has completed a Nordic walk of 26.6 miles as her first marathon distance for Race to the King. Viki completed the walk on the 25 June 2016 and so far has raised £108 in support of Made for Life.

    “Made for Life started out offering healing massage treatments and days to people going through cancer (touch therapy has been proved to improve survival rates, yet many people get turned away from salons if they have cancer — another thing Made for Life is working to resolve).

    There are workshop days for those going through treatment to be together and share experiences, even laugh together, and rooms for people who have just heard bad news to sit quietly, in a beautiful space just opposite the hospital, there are people to talk to.
    It offers the emotional support that the hospitals, working so hard to provide effective treatment often don’t have funds to offer. But all of this can help those going through cancer to improve their chances, and in any event, it makes the whole, horrible experience so much easier for those going through it. I’ve seen the work first hand, met the people and I wish it was here when dad was going through all of this.”

    Link to Viki’s fundraising page: Viki’s Fundraising Page

  • Bee 2

    MFL Workshop – Bee’s Nutrition 21st June 2016

    Bees Nutrition was founded by Becci Gowers who is in the final stages of becoming a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. She already has a diploma in Sports Nutrition, and knowledge from dance and fitness qualifications. Now focusing on nutrition for wellbeing and vitality, Becci is passionate about people being the best of themselves. She also runs Dance Confidence Cornwall, offering dance and fitness classes to all ages and abilities focusing on improving confidence and having fun.

    Becci provided Made for Life attendees with a fun, interactive workshop about why nutrition is important and what good nutrition is. Mainly focussed on nutrients to support immune function and reduce inflammation. Becci’s aim is for people to leave feeling inspired and uplifted, taking away useful tools to make positive decisions regarding nutrition. We were also provided with some tasty treats to illustrate the fact that nutritious food doesn’t have to be dull or boring.

    A great time was had by all, the snacks were delicious and the talk was very inspiring prompting many to rethink their food purchases and diets.

    Here are a few of the quotes we have received after the workshop:
    “It was a great workshop Becci; I picked up loads of useful info and already adjusted my shopping lists”
    “I found it really useful, thanks Becci”
    “Thank you for the workshop today. Really informative, and lovely people too.”
    “Really informative lecture, fun with the quiz- busy swatting up now for another go!!!!”
    “The main thing I noticed was the difference in demeanour of the attendees on arrival and on departure. They all arrived somewhat downbeat but after the workshop they all, without exception, left smiling and with a spring in their step. It was a noticeable and remarkable change. I didn’t attend the workshop but whatever Becci did, obviously hit the right spot.”

    Bee’s Facebook Page: Bees Nutrition on Facebook
    Bee’s Website: Bee’s Website Page

    bee 1

  • Diane’s Story

    In 2012 our family decided to up sticks and move to Cornwall, we were in love with the south-west coast and wanted to bring up our teenage boys somewhere that gave them more freedom and less commercial – in essence “a better way of life” for all of us.

    I worked a for large multinational company as an IT Director, I was fortunate to work from home and got to travel all over the world for a job I loved.

    In 2013 I gave in after a year of bowel problems and went to see my GP. As a busy mum and working full time I didn’t have time to think about me, so I held off until I had to admit to myself that regularly passing blood when I went to the loo was a potential problem. Was it stress? Did I pick up an infection on my last trip to India? That was my line of thought. I got lucky, a wonderful GP listened to me and immediately referred me to a specialist consultant at Treliske Hospital. After a colonoscopy examination he found a number of large polyps (growths of skin) inside my rectum and referred me to a surgeon in Cheltenham for key hole surgery for removal. Fair enough, off I went had the surgery and thought no more about it.

    A few weeks after my minor op I went to see the specialist in Treliske to discuss the op (I thought) and say thank you – I got the shock of my life when he told me that the surgeon had found a cancerous growth under one of the polyps, the poor guy thought I had already been told so we both in for surprise that day. Right away things moved very quickly, he operated on me, removed my rectum, created a pouch from my lower bowel and gave me a temporary ileostomy whilst I healed from the surgery. 3 months later he removed the ileostomy and I was well enough 2 months later to go back to work. My company were brilliant and supported me throughout and gave me the time off I needed without worry or stress. My husband was brilliant and my parents spent most of the summer into the autumn looking after me. By January 2014 I was given the all clear and much relief and rejoicing ensued. Oh and to cap it all I was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis after a fall in my garden at the same time as my cancer diagnosis.

    March 2014 and we were getting back to “normal” – but something didn’t feel right down there, so I went back to the consultant at Treliske and told him that something was wrong, it took 3 visits, I was told there was nothing to be concerned about and offered nothing the first 2 visits and on the 3rd visit I was fobbed off with a nurse but actually this turned out to be a good thing because she listened to me and was surprised I had not even been offered a simple blood test. So a blood test was arranged and the results looked suspicious enough for the consultant to call me at home and question me properly. After a MRI and PET scan at Derriford Hospital I was finally diagnosed with a relapse of cancer in my pelvic wall and to cap it all a secondary spread of cancer spots in my lungs. This time the diagnosis was “incurable but treatable” and I was devastated. I was referred to a wonderful Oncology Consultant at the Sunrise Clinic Treliske and he calmly explained the implications of my diagnosis and what the treatment plan would be.

    It was so hard telling my husband about my second diagnosis, we sat in the kitchen that day and held hands and cried and tried to make sense of what this would mean and of course we couldn’t really. We decided that life had to continue as normally as possible for our boys and held off telling them until the eldest had finished his GCSE’s a few months later. We then started telling close family and friends, up until then they knew I had cancer again but not that it was here to stay. Every conversation was so hard, I felt so guilty for upsetting these lovely people and hated doing it, but I am an open person and find it difficult to hide behind misdirection.

    I started 3 months’ chemotherapy in December 2014, a month of daily radiotherapy blasts in May 2015 and after a CT scan in June, we were pleased to learn that the treatment though gruelling and painful had been effective, the cancer in the pelvic wall had been fried and the spots in my lungs had shrunk. However, by October 2015 the lung spots had started to grow again and I needed to start a new regime of chemotherapy – we held off until January 2016 in order that we could enjoy Christmas with the family.
    In April 2016 I finished 6 cycles of chemotherapy and after a short break I am now on a “maintenance” chemotherapy regime, which includes daily tablets and a 30-minute chemotherapy infusion every 3 weeks. Hopefully this will keep the cancer growth at bay and allow me to be more active and healthy and start planning my future.

    With the second diagnosis of cancer I gave up my job as I knew I would be in for the long haul this time and would need all my energy to cope with the treatments and side-effects. My company were so supportive and have left the door open for me but I know that it is not something I can go back to.
    All of this left me and my family with feelings of anger, guilt, sadness, loneliness and frustration. But on the plus side, we live in a beautiful part of Cornwall and am so lucky to have great views to look at when I’m resting and lovely walks right outside my door. I have had more time to spend with my boys and husband, and we are doing more than ever to experience fun and life than we ever did when life was “normal”.
    It also left me with a huge hole in my life and with a complete change of lifestyle I never anticipated. Medically I was very well supported and given all the relevant information about my treatment – but what about emotional support, financial support and the multitude of non-medical questions I had? I went from a busy mum, working full time to someone lying around unable to get up and do anything myself during treatment.
    When the treatment ends, and my strength comes back what on earth do I have to do? I searched online and looked locally for support and found a local Cornwall Bowel Cancer Support group which has a great Facebook group and people who are very supportive and full of helpful information. These kind people mad me feel so welcome and offer great support, they meet every 2 months in Probus and arrange helpful talks and interesting activities throughout the day.

    Then by chance I read about Made for Life and when I was well enough, I went along to one of their Art Workshops and met some lovely ladies who have or had cancer and suddenly I was talking to people who felt the same as I did, experienced emotions and pain as I did and understood exactly how I felt. The Art Workshop was great fun and I have attended nearly every one since. Juliette – the Manager of the Made for Life Foundation is so welcoming and willing to listen to your woes. The Workshops and the people that give up their time to hold them are wonderful, and every time I get to meet new people and share experiences which is something I have needed for so long.

    It’s been over year and I am still working on accepting my situation and adjusting to a “new normal”. I can’t go back, I have to focus on the future and what I can do. Recently I have been looking for volunteer roles to help get me back into a work routine and also to give back to organisations that helped me. I was so fortunate to get an offer from Juliette to volunteer part-time as a Support Admin for Made for Life. Anyone who has gone through a critical illness knows how hard it is to get your health back and get used to a routine of work again. But I need to work, use my brain and do something constructive and as well as Made for Life, I am also the website administrator for the Cornwall Bowel Cancer Group and a member of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Cancer Patient & Carer Group.

    I am happy to share my story especially if it means that you learn from my experience, if something doesn’t’ feel right, particularly if you are passing blood – please don’t ignore it. Go to your GP and insist on the proper checks and referrals – don’t give up. After my first diagnosis and surgery, many people including me wondered why I didn’t have chemotherapy offered, and now I wonder if I had followed up on this and had the chemo would it have prevented a reoccurrence? I will never know but again, if you feel strongly enough about something always speak up and insist on the help you feel your need.

    Most of all I have learnt to appreciate what I have now and look forward to the future and try to make the most of life. Thank you for reading my story.

    Diane is pictured working hard at an Art Workshop (centre of picture in cream cardigan)

  • Julia 1

    MFL Workshop with Julia Rowlands

    Fun Workshop held on the 26th May 2016.

    What a wonderful, fun, very interesting Art Workshop held by Julia Rowlands, thank you so much Julia for donating your time and all the materials, you created a great day for everyone! Without the help from people like yourself we couldn’t offer the support and opportunities we do. Another great opportunity to have a fun time, share stories and learn something new for people and carers living with or recovering from cancer. To see Julia’s work please click here: Julia Rowlands

  • CL Jun 2016

    Cornwall Living – June Edition

    June’s Cornwall Living article features the The Power of Good Nutrition with expert Becci Gowers from Bees Nutrition. Bees Nutrition was founded by Becci Gowers who is in the final stages of becoming a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. She already has a diploma in Sports Nutrition, and knowledge from dance and fitness qualifications. Now focusing on nutrition for wellbeing and vitality, Becci is passionate about people being the best of themselves. This workshop is taking place on 21st June – look at our events page for further details. To read the full article please click here: Bee your Best

  • CL May 2016

    Cornwall Living – May Edition

    In May we feature Beverley Brooks. The power of remedial massage therapy, Beverley is qualified at the highest level recognised in the UK as a massage therapist. Beverley works out of the Health and Innovation centre at Treliske Hospital, Truro and also offers treatments in St Columb Major – each treatment is individually personalised based on your needs and are offered at a discounted rate, available to anyone who has been diagnosed or is recovering from cancer. To read the full article please click here: A Helping Hand

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